About PPKM

The Association for Shopping and Highrise Management, popularly known as - Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks Malaysia - plays an important role as a professional partner contributing to the nation's phenomenal growth.
PPK (M) was formed in 1984, with the foresight of pioneer members, during the most significant stage of Malaysia's leap into quantum growth. Since then, it has evolved to take a predominant role in the shopping and highrise management discipline with members from shopping centres, highrise offices and high-rise apartments / condominiums.
In our total commitment to ensure the highest level of excellence, the spectrum of responsibilities taken up by professionals in shopping and highrise complex management includes:
PPK(M) is guiding principles are based on:
  • Professionalism
  • The area of managing shopping complexes and highrise is a vital factor in bridging the gap between the physical developments of a building. The levels of expectations by the owners, tenants, shoppers and public are high. The members of this industry segment have a vital responsibility in maintaining this role with utmost integrity.
  • Networking
  • PPK(M) serves to be generous with its networking among the members of the industry. It is through the conscious efforts to be constantly in contact with growing number of entries into this profession as well as affiliated industries that will maintain the vital link to enhance the influence of the Association. Cross border alliances and the growing international links will be able to create better opportunities as well as obtaining the competitive edge.
  • Info-sharing
  • Efficient exchange of trade data, ideas, information and experience among the members enhances the management skills. Trends are spotted and could be translated into beneficial propositions.
  • Representation
  • The bridging role very often requires a centralised and representative entity for the profession to be able to function effectively and efficiently. Presence must be kept visible at various levels of Government agencies, professional bodies, and affiliated industries. Amongst others, PPK (M)has provided service and advice and is affiliated to the several government agencies, professional bodies and networking associations in related industries, both within the country and internationally.
  • Education and Training
  • National, regional and international study trips are the staple activities as well as discussions, forums, seminars. Any new development in terms of management techniques or technological breakthroughs is immediately re-channelled by way of specialist workshops. These activities are held with Government agencies, statutory bodies, professional bodies, or similar International industry groupings. Beyond these activities, PPK (M) will be planning to collaborate with institutions of learning to provide formal academic courses in the area of shopping complex and highrise management covering all the function components. This is to ensure that the flow of expert human resource into the industry will continue.